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Design Services

Creating a plan for a dining room inspired by the floral woven print fabric

Board for a dining room inspired by the floral woven print fabric for the upholstered chairs.


Custom Creations Interiors offers you complete services — from concept through delivery and installation — for window treatments, soft furnishings & bedding and upholstered furniture.

As many of you prefer having a single designer for your project, space planning and product specifying for architectural detailing, color, decorative lighting, carpeting and other flooring materials is also provided when needed.

With the majority of the projects I work on, window treatments and the surrounding wall plane are usually key components.  There are two reasons for this:

First, these are the areas where many seem to need the most help, both in terms of product knowledge — especially for window coverings — and also in terms of being able to visualize which choices will provide the best results for their home.

Second, as the window and wall planes of our rooms do literally surround us, putting the focus on these elements gives you the best return on the time and money you invest in your project.

The type of clients I work with range from those who need major help with the design concept and product selections to those who are short on time and need someone primarily to do the legwork to find the right items and to manage their project.



The fees charged will vary, depending upon the type and scope of the project you’re considering.  There are two main methods:  The first applies to projects that include the development of a design concept where products are purchased and the second, to projects where a design concept alone or with product specifying only are provided.

Design Concept & Product Purchasing and/or Project Management

  • For window treatments, bedding and most upholstered furniture:  This starts with an hourly fee for the initial consultation in your home.  Once a contract has been drawn up and signed, retail product prices apply without any further hourly fees.
  • For accessories, lighting fixtures and some furniture and carpeting:  For these items, designers are often not offered a true wholesale price.  So instead, an hourly fee applies for the consultation, a flat fee for the design concept and the time to source products and an hourly-based flat fee for project management applies.

Design Concept & Product Specifying Only

An hourly fee applies for the time spent on the consultation in your home.  Then, a flat fee for the design concept applies.  This fee will vary depending upon the scope of the project and whether product specifying is included.



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