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Lighting: A Whimsical ‘Twigs’ Pendant Lamp

January 10, 2015

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Twigs Pendant Light

The ‘Nest’ Pendant Light adds a sense of fun to any room.  Made by hand, each one is unique.  They are constructed of rattan twigs around a powder-coated steel cage and cloth covered cord.  The pendants are available in a warm red color, as well as the colors shown above (natural, white and bark).  The […]

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A Lizard Lights Your Way

July 3, 2012

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This lizard wall sconce is a fun contemporary lighting fixture for an entry hall, child's room or hallway

The Lizard Wall Sconce is such a whimsical piece, that it’s led me to start a category just for amusing items I come across.  The frame of this fixture is wrapped with banana fibre, also known as Manilla hemp, while the lampshade is made from cocoa tree leaves. At 16″ across and 24″ tall, it […]

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