Keeping Germs at Bay During Holiday Celebrations

November 20, 2012

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Washing your hands often is recommended as the single best way to avoid catching (and spreading) the cold and flu bugs that always make the rounds during the holiday season.

So what can you do for your guests to help prevent the spread of germs after they wash their hands?

A decorative and eco-friendly solution to help prevent the spread of germs

A decorative & eco-friendly way to help prevent the spread of germs

Decorative paper towels are one solution.  But it’s not a very eco-friendly one.  Instead try this, as shown in the picture above:

Roll up a dozen or so wash cloths and place them on end in a basket on the counter or top of the toilet tank.   This way each guest can use a clean cloth.  Place another basket on the floor for your guests to toss the wash cloth afterward.

Then simply throw the used cloths in the wash with the rest of your laundry.

Place an empty basket on the floor by the sink for the used wash clothes

Place a basket on the floor by the sink for the used wash cloths

One other simple thing you can do to protect yourself and your guests is to wipe down the entry and bath doors — and the bath’s switch plates — with a disinfectant right before guests arrive.

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